ICT Buyers
Crowdsource Your ICT Decision Making

• Break the isolation and revolutionize the way you make ICT spend decisions by fully leveraging the shared experiences of your peers.
• Make more informed purchase decisions
• Identify peers with similar project and solution experience
• Reduce the time, effort and risk involved in making spend decisions

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ICT Solution Providers
Engage on Ready-to-Go Deals

• Slash your customer acquisition cost and while also broadening your market reach
• Get notified instantly of ready-to-go deals that match your solutions
• Shift from demand generation to demand capture
• Stop wasting time and money chasing prospects that are not in the market and focus instead on qualified buyers with budgeted projects

ICT Sourcing for Vendors

Canadian CIO digital editions

Read, watch and participate in stories about local IT leadership in a publication optimized for tablets.

CanadianCIO.com will focus on the business outcomes that drive ICT investments in large public- and private-sector enterprises in Canada, providing a roadmap that will enable technology decision-makers to move from ideas to action. Each edition will explore important and emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, big data and enterprise mobility, through various vertical markets within a Canadian context.

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